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Style Envy | Daphne Guinness Part Deux

September 03, 2009

I just cant get enough of this woman!

I really admire & slightly envy her! This is a woman that is wearing Couture...wearable ART

She makes it work, she owns her look

That is what confidence is about! OWNING your look. 

*Hell that's what Life's about... OWNING YOU

Style Envy | Daphne Guinness

September 03, 2009

I adore & am intrigued by Daphne Guinness (heir of the Guinness liquor dynasty) and her style. 

In interviews she comes across as very witty, personable and unaware of her effect on fashion/style.

Though her ensembles look as though they take HOURS to prepare, Daphne insist that it only takes her about 10min to dress because her color palette consists mostly of black & white. 

With overstuffed Hermes bags, sky-high heels and a tiny waist that rivals Dita Von Teese & Mr. Pearl's Daphne is a force to be reckoned with. 


Eleganza Men's (1970) Fashions

March 17, 2009

While relaxing after yet another long day, I happened upon Eleganza Men's Fashions! Check out the ads below and share your thoughts! The ads are from Ebony Magazines from 1970-1976!

God bless Archiving & Pack Rat ideals!


And then came Carine...

March 17, 2009


Impeccable Style and one of my fashion idols Carine Roitfeld EIC French Vogue!

Images from: Thefashionspot.com 

Amber Rose AKA Briget Nielson 2.0

March 16, 2009

Amber Rose...who is she and where did she come from. Unfortunately I do not have the answers to those questions. What I do have is admiration for the retro look she brings. Amber is my Bridget Neilsen, and don't let me get started on the fabulous Grace Jones.

I LOVE how the kids don't really know their history. Everything "NEW" is really "OLD" and Amber Rose is NO exception. Striking woman with an understated BAD ASS attitude and she gives major flavor to the more Avant Garde designers in the industry. It doesn't hurt that Mr. West is her benefactor either! 

Take a look for yourself at Ms. Amber Rose and the ICON that is Ms. Bridget Neilsen! 

Amber Rose

Bridget Neilsen

Bridget Neilsen


February 22, 2009

A quickie post for you to devour! I will be back tomorrow with some Budget product reviews & exciting finds in

Purple Fashion Magazine!


Scarf: Roomies

Glasses: Dollar Store

Jacket: H&M

Fur Vest: Vintage *Gift from Randal!!!

Sweater: Robert Scott (Vintage from mom)

Leggins: Danskin

Boots: Vintage

Handbag: Melanie DIZON

Red VW: MINE!!!




February 19, 2009

I had my (BF) snap a picture as I was on my way out to work. I have had this skirt for YEARS!!! Way before the dip-dye trend of 2008! Lest I forget to mention the skirt is from the infamous: CONWAY!!!! By Macy's Herald Sq. I apologize for the blurriness at the bottom of the photo, and for my lack of make-up! LOL


Lamb Jacket: Saint Laurent Rive Gauche (vintage)

Sweater: Forever 21

Skirt: Conway

Tights: Strawberrys

Boots: Vintage


Nike + "Pucci"= FRESH

February 18, 2009

I am NOT sneaker fiend by any means. I have had the same 5 pairs of sneakers/kicks/tennis shoes for at least 5 years. While searching for some "inspiration", amongst other, I came across some new sneakers by Nike inspired by Emilio Pucci. I happen to think these kicks are pretty unique. I love the color combinations and overall styling of the sneaker. I love the gold Nike sign and the "colored"laces. Really, when I look at these I want to start break-dancing. While they have a retro feel they are QUITE modern and keeping with the era of NOW!



Like A Virgin...

February 13, 2009

I just came across the W Magazine cover featuring Madonna! Madonna is TRULY one of the most iconic pop stars of my time. I put her in the same catergory that others have placed other icons like Cher and Diana Ross. Madonna is fabulous, even at 50 she gives these young POP-Tarts a run for the money! Her sold-out tours are rumored to gross well over 50mill! I have NOT had the pleasure of attending a Madonna concert, but it is definately on my list of THINGS TO DO!







Ear Jewelry, for TREND SETTERS

February 05, 2009

I am always searching for something FRESH, NEW, HIP. Though, quite honestly nothing is new and from the smell in my kitchen...something aint fresh. (mental note: clean the fridge) in any event I have been searching for Ear wraps & ear cuffs ever since I saw the Purple One (PRINCE) rockin a swexy earcuff at a Lakers game.

I found some FABULOUS Ear Wraps, check them out! As soon as I actually purchase one I will show you an Oh So Sexy picture of me and my lobes!!!!!

You can view other cuffs and great jewelry here: http://www.martymagic.com

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