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January 18, 2010

Its been a long time. The end of the year for me is always slow, yet jammed packed.

I tend to wait until the last minute to do things, meanwhile the year before I promise myself I'll do better the next.

I did reflect on 2009 of course. About things like: my personal life and where I wanted it to go, professional life for sure (I'm young, sexy and living in New York city) I LOVE to do the most for no reason. I also day-dreamed about taking on more hobbies...like bike-riding. I bought a red bike...I'm so excited, yet nervous as hell to ride it.

I also plan on refining some other skills & challenging myself in other areas.

GetPOLISHED is making some changes and covering new ground as well, one area we will uncover lies within The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Their are a few exhibits there that I want to see. One is the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas exhibit.

I am particularly  interested in seeing these pieces up close & personal.  Pretty intriguing they are from my computer; and the colors in the sculptures have me thinking about exotic vacations & clothing.

*Must I have remind you, Spring is just around the corner!

Crooked Beak of Heaven Mask
Kwakwaka'wakw, British Columbia, late 19th century
Wood, paint, fiber, cord; 18 1/4 x 40 1/8 in. (46.4 x 101.9 cm)
Promised Gift of the Ralph T. Coe Collec

Storage Chest Panels
Tlingit, Alaska, 1780–1820
Wood, paint; 12 3/4 x 80 in. (32.4 x 203.2 cm)
Promised Gift of the Ralph T. Coe Collection

*The above piece immediately had me thinking of wooden accessories like clutches, bangles and rings.

<span style="font-size: x-small; font-family: geneva,arial,sans-serif; color: #ffffff;">


Model Tipi
Blackfoot, Montana/Alberta, 1865–1876
Native-tanned skin, paint, hair, cloth, beads, metal; 24 x 43 in. (61.0 x 109.2 cm)
Promised Gift of the Ralph T. Coe Collecti

*This could be a rather interesting cape...I hear capes are making a comeback.

The exhibit that initially peaked my interest in heading to MET was the - Art Of The Samurai, which caused a bit of an underground stir.

A piece from the exhibit below.

Nimai-Dō Gusoku Armor with Dark Blue and Red Lacing
Edo period, 18th century
Iron, wood, leather, gold, and lacquer; H. of helmet bowl: 5 1/2 in. (13.9 cm); H. of cuirass: 13 3/4 in. (35 cm)
Okazaki City Museum, Aichi Prefecture

* I can see how such a piece would open up the imagination in a modern way.



Image Source

PolishedGLOBAL ◆ Erin Petson

December 14, 2009

Erin Petson, artist & illustrator.

Known for her vintagelike illustrations which are both provocative and edgy.

Some of her clients include: Vogue, Harvey Nichols, and Marie Claire.



Erin Petson

PolishedSUITE ◆ Nathan Sawaya

November 18, 2009

We should all be as outgoing as Nathan Sawaya.

Nathan known for his amazing Lego sculptures was at one point a lawyer.

He left his position to focus on his true passion: ART

It is said that Nathan has well over 1 million Lego's at his disposal for creative works.

Some of my favorites from Nathan...the "Brick Artist"

Rebirth of New Orleans

Iwo Jima



Nathan & his pencil

GetPOLISHED & see more at The Art of the Brick

*I'd be honored to have any one of Nathan's pieces in my home!

Back for the 1st Time ~ Jo Ratcliffe

November 04, 2009

Not too long ago I spoke about illustrator Jo Ratcliffe I am fan of his work, and since it's been awhile I thought I would re-visit him.

His work is Cool, its Sophistcaed, Sexy, and Fun!

I can only imagine the new projects he's working on.


Bunny Swimsuit

Secret Ball


(Take a guess)


Dazed Wrangler


*By the way the answer to the fourth piece is: HORROR



Style Envy | Daphne Guinness Part Deux

September 03, 2009

I just cant get enough of this woman!

I really admire & slightly envy her! This is a woman that is wearing Couture...wearable ART

She makes it work, she owns her look

That is what confidence is about! OWNING your look. 

*Hell that's what Life's about... OWNING YOU

"Burn Outs" not the T-shirt

September 02, 2009

Going through one of my FAVORITE magazines...(sorry, but this one is a secret) I began reading an interview and discovered one COOL chick: Aurel Schmidt

Schmidt, born and raised in Canada can best be described as a mis-fit. Wearing over-sized glasses, hailing from a trailer-park and not too well received or encouraged by her pa-rentals, this 25 y/o ditched Canada and headed for Vancouver. There she dived into the art scene and the rest is history. 

Here are some images from her book: Burn Out "This series focuses on the profane, icky, neglected and overlooked objects of daily life"

While grotesque, its fascinating as well. 


Illustrate/Imagine & Engage

August 25, 2009
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Works by Linnea Strid

*They look so life-life online, I can only imagine how they look in person!

*Browse through her Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/linneastrid/


Neil Krug...Got ART?

June 12, 2009

I was over at  July Stars and was BLOWN away by her post on Photographer: Neil Krug.

I started my own dig and the imagery is quite beautiful.


You MUST check out his flikr

Neil Krug

No More Wire Hangars

June 06, 2009

Wire sculptures by Poly Scene

Art 4 The SOUL, Cute Compacts & MORE

May 14, 2009

Cute canvases at SUGAR LUXE.

Now, to warn my GetPOLISHED readers, these prints are NOT recession specials. At a little over $300.00 they are "SPECIAL" but during these times not quite pocket friendly. However, their IS a silver lining!

PRINTS @ $24.00 each!

SUGAR LUXE has all kinds of flirty, feminine accessories as well. From compacts, card holders & key fobs...stack your coins

Go on and GetPOLISHED!

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