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Soak Your Skin

February 24, 2009

I told you I'd be back with PRODUCT REVIEWS!!! I am HAPPY to say that I went to Walgreen's (brand new on Broadway in Bush-wick) and while I spent a grip $85.00 to be exact I am very pleased with my purchases, with one exception: Iman foundation...purchased the WRONG shade! Ugh, but anyway...

First up was a reccomendation from a fellow Twitter buddy.

Vaseline: Cocoa Butter Vitalizing Body Gel

Now to be honest I was looking for the regular Palmer's Cocoa Butter because I have been having good results with the overall evening out of my skin. I do NOT use cocoa butter anywhere near my face or chest. I have sensitive/oily skin which is PRONE to breakouts and those areas of my body + cocoa butter=skin DESTRUCTION!!!! So yes, I was looking for my regular Palmer's but the prices were like: Say What...6.99 for 5oz...PLEASE & The Vaseline: Cocoa Butter Vitalizing Body Gel was on sale for $5 for 6.8 oz so I said...give it a go! I'm glad I did.

Not only is this product NOT GREASY as some body gels are, but it soaked into my skin so fast that I didn't even notice it! The other plus is the sweet smell of almond and Brazilian nut oils that are used in the gel. I cannot wait until the summer to mix this with body bronzer and storm the city looking like a golden globe!!!

Next we have Vita B Mask Sheet. I am a fan of mask, or better yet what they represent. Soft, vibrant skin, no breakouts, ect. The Vita B mask by TheFACEShop comes in a great little flat package and it opens up as a "real" face mask. Complete with cut out eyes, nose, and mouth area. After scaring myself and dog half to death I sat with the mask on for the reccommended 15-20min and when I removed the mask and rinsed...my skin felt AMAZING! It was soooo moisturized I thought someone doused me with Olive Oil. Non greasy, very light and my skin just absorbed the nutrients. The mask had: energy boosting, cucumber and broccoli extracts. I have no idea what ANY of that means or is/was supposed to do but it did something! And @ 2 for $5 I will be purchasing more very soon!






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