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Raf Simons for Dr. Martens A/W 2009

September 04, 2009

I am not a big fan of Doc Martens, however I AM a fan of Raf Simons and NOW I want a pair of these...

Kitchen Lovin' w/ The Lolita Store

September 04, 2009

While on Facebook (of all places) I discovered Lolita & her FAB designs.

From wine stoppers to candles, to the hand painted Martini, Wine & Champagne glasses with recipes on the bottom,GetPOLISHED!

Their is Oh so much to uncover on her website. Great gifts for ANY & ALL occasions with a sweet price to match!



The Lolita Store

Style Envy | Daphne Guinness Part Deux

September 03, 2009

I just cant get enough of this woman!

I really admire & slightly envy her! This is a woman that is wearing Couture...wearable ART

She makes it work, she owns her look

That is what confidence is about! OWNING your look. 

*Hell that's what Life's about... OWNING YOU

Style Envy | Daphne Guinness

September 03, 2009

I adore & am intrigued by Daphne Guinness (heir of the Guinness liquor dynasty) and her style. 

In interviews she comes across as very witty, personable and unaware of her effect on fashion/style.

Though her ensembles look as though they take HOURS to prepare, Daphne insist that it only takes her about 10min to dress because her color palette consists mostly of black & white. 

With overstuffed Hermes bags, sky-high heels and a tiny waist that rivals Dita Von Teese & Mr. Pearl's Daphne is a force to be reckoned with. 


"Burn Outs" not the T-shirt

September 02, 2009

Going through one of my FAVORITE magazines...(sorry, but this one is a secret) I began reading an interview and discovered one COOL chick: Aurel Schmidt

Schmidt, born and raised in Canada can best be described as a mis-fit. Wearing over-sized glasses, hailing from a trailer-park and not too well received or encouraged by her pa-rentals, this 25 y/o ditched Canada and headed for Vancouver. There she dived into the art scene and the rest is history. 

Here are some images from her book: Burn Out "This series focuses on the profane, icky, neglected and overlooked objects of daily life"

While grotesque, its fascinating as well. 


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