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False Face

April 12, 2010

“You be careful. People in masks cannot be trusted.” The Princess Bride quotes

Minna Parikka S/S2010 collection of knits, gloves, mask, shoes and other delicacy's can be viewed at Minna Parikka

Colored Pencils ~ Maria Christina Bellucci

April 12, 2010

Today I'm web-browsing for accessories and ideas. Concepts, cups, and colored pencils are everywhere...

These accessories by Maria Christina Bellucci are perfect for the grown-up creative/artist in us all.

rings & brooches...


Delve into Marias creative mind here

Stumble Upon ~ C Neeon

April 04, 2010

Its been deathly quiet around these parts I know.

I can't apologize enough, so I won't even try -- as it is simply my duty to share what I've been discovering with you.

While doing my daily dose of Internet browsing I stumbled across C Neeon, and their S/S 2010 collection was oozing with inspiration.

Granted the A/W collections have shown, and most people are covering or have covered the shows. However, I am much more interested in what I will be wearing in the next couple of weeks as opposed to the next couple of months.

C Neeon S/S 2010 collection aptly titled "Marble Dust" did not disappoint. The vibrant colors, slouchy styles, and sharp lines made this Berlin label seem so perfect for California days.

(I think a vacation is in order)



Kostas Murkudis SS2010

February 27, 2010

I want every fantastical piece of clothing from the S/S 2010 collection from Kostas Murkudis.

Visually dark, and absolutely gorgeous.

GetPOLISHED and view the full collection.

Kostas Murkudis

Kitchen Reinvention

January 31, 2010

Only I would embark upon a "Clean House" challenge and do it hapazardly as if Miss Niesy Nash were around to assist me.

Be that as it may...I am making some changes and mine start at home.

I made a delicious seafood pasta dish for lunch/dinner - wheat angel hair pasta with sea scallops, shrimp, and salmon. I also added white onion, scallions, orange peppers, and corn...sauteed in extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice. (DIVINE)

Oh how I digress, I was looking for a plate for my meal and decided on my dessert plate. SMH I have a really great set of plates but only one style & size. I need more at a good price sometime soon.

I headed over to Fishs Eddy's to see what fun dinnerware they had. (notice I said FUN)

Alice in Wonderland

The Pedestrian

Birds on a Wire


Really, if you're not familiar with Fish Eddy's then you must Get IN!

Fishs Eddy's


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